Rochelle Answers the Question, 'Can You Get Leads on Instagram?'

Rochelle Answers the Question, 'Can You Get Leads on Instagram?'

  • 08/24/18

LA’s Real Estate Maven Takes You Behind the Scenes

Rochelle was recently interviewed about what makes a successful Instagram account.

Instagram Account: @rochellemaizeluxuryestates
Followers: 15.8k
Following: 1,022
Posts: 577

With over $500 million in sales over the past 3 years and winning every industry award under the sun, Nourmand & Associates Rochelle Maize could probably kick back and enjoy a stellar career just from referrals.

That’s not her style though. Far from it. Instead, this former wealth manager is using new technology like Instagram to go from one of the best agents in LA to the best agent in LA.  

Yes, the competition is fierce, but this is a horse drawn buggy vs electric car moment. Those who master technology early will dominate the market, while those who wait will get left behind.

Why Rochelle Loves Instagram for Virtual Showings & Marketing

“For millennial buyers, Instagram has virtually transformed the traditional ‘open house’ by providing live, interactive private showings that save both time and money – all key components that play a major role in today’s luxury real estate landscape and impact the manner in which top agents sell their properties,”

“While traditional marketing still plays a role, it’s slowly taking a backseat to the instantaneous and much more organic user experience of social media. The content on social media is about exposing elements of a specific property through a lens that is much more translatable than an individual photo or a paid advertisement.”

Nourmand & Associates' Take on Rochelle’s Instagram

Like Joyce Rey’s Instagram, Rochelle mixes slick professional videos of her listings and more relaxed posts that take you behind the scenes in some truly jaw dropping real estate.

She also mixes in more fun content from her family outings, to behind the scenes shots from her latest TV appearance, to well, her dog Meyer dressed like a taco for taco Tiesday. If you think we’re finishing this article without including that one you don’t know us very well!   

All in, the impression we get from Rochelle’s Instagram is that she is a hyper successful and skilled agent, but is also someone you would actually want to have a beer with. If you’ve spent any time dealing with NYC or LA real estate agents you’ll understand just how rare this combination is.

Best Recent Instagram Post: Rochelle Maize’s Brag Reel 

We loved this professionally produced brag reel that runs through her professional accomplishments in a novel and fun way. It’s pretty intense actually. After watching it you kind of get the sense that Rochelle is a prize fighter rather than an agent.

Even Better: Meyer the Taco Dog

Amazingly, instead of pouting like most dogs, Meyer seems pretty into his taco costume… Clearly a pooch who is well aware of just how cute he is.


Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over $3.5 Billion in closed transactions.

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