‘Hollywood Reporter’ Names Rochelle Maize to Top 30 Real Estate Agent’s List

‘Hollywood Reporter’ Names Rochelle Maize to Top 30 Real Estate Agent’s List

  • 09/20/18

Los Angeles’s Real Estate Maven Also Tells the Magazine a Slightly Saucy Story

It’s been said that often that Rochelle Maize knows what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive markets. So much so that this year, as one of the most highly sought-after agents in the area, she’s landed on The Hollywood Reporter’s top 30 real estate agent’s list. What sets her apart from other agents? It all comes back to embracing change.
As technology evolves, Maize makes sure to incorporate new tools—including virtual reality and social media apps like Instagram and an advanced website—into her business. She tells the Hollywood Reporter that “the market is changing, the game’s changing, and I’m embracing it.” Staying on top of tech trends helps Maize connect with potential clients by showcasing beautiful new listings. As a result, she’s able to continue closing sweet deals, like the $3 million listing she recently sold to AMC/SundanceTV exec Kristin Jones. 

Her creativity and work ethic also contribute to her success. And as The Hollywood Reporter points out one of her most exciting listing hits the market this September: an 8,200-square-foot beachfront Santa Monica penthouse that was formerly owned by actor William Holden. 

When your work involves other people’s homes, you’re bound to rack up a few outrageous encounters alongside of your sales. With her years of experience, Maize occasionally leaves listings with some pretty unique stories of wild things she’s seen on the job. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she describes one quite colorful scenario in particular. 
 "I had a listing on a large house in Beverly Hills and the owners' kids were living there," says Rochelle Maize. "I let them know I had a showing and they said they had some people over, but it'd be fine. We start to walk the property, and the kids are doing a porno photo shoot by the pool! I'm like, 'Hey, what's going on?' They go, 'Oh, we're just doing a photo shoot. No big deal.' It was a $30 million mansion. For them, it was just another day." 

Despite encountering some unusual things on the job, Maize continues breaking records and making headlines. The Hollywood Reporter is the latest media outlet to spotlight her success, naming her one of Los Angeles’ top 30 real estate agents. The secret to her success might lie in her willingness to embrace change, as she proves that putting a fresh spin on the luxury real estate game pays off. 


Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over $3.5 Billion in closed transactions.

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