7 Reasons to Work with an Experienced Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

7 Reasons to Work with an Experienced Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

  • Rochelle Atlas Maize
  • 06/12/23

Buying or selling a home is a monumental life experience for many people, especially if they are looking at making the transaction in glittering Beverly Hills.

The real estate found in Beverly Hills is truly unique to the region. Because of the opulence of most of the homes – pools, gazebos, high-end smart features, outdoor living spaces as lavish as those indoors – it takes an experienced agent to help you sell or buy a home in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills real estate is exclusive and high-end, like bejeweled versions of standard houses, making the dream of a home purchase here the epitome of success. But the right home is everything. That’s what makes it so important to have an experienced agent handling your purchase or sale.

An experienced agent knows market trends

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An ideal real estate agent will know that Beverly Hills has been a seller’s market for quite some time, and demand for homes is exceedingly high compared to the properties that are available.

Armed with that information, Beverly Hills real estate agents can help give you a realistic idea about how much you should likely expect to spend on your dream home, especially if it is one of the area's most exclusive gated communities.

Consider that for just under $10 million you can have a home with light, airy living space, a pool and hot tub that are the focal point of the opulent backyard, and indoor-outdoor areas that are ideal for entertaining. For a few million more, you can have a traditional home with an office and library, the kind of place a powerful Beverly Hills movie exec would want to call home.

An experienced agent will also make sure that if you are a seller rather than a buyer, you will see your portfolio grow according to those same market trends.

A good rep can help an agent land the best deal

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It’s important to do your research, and finding an agent with a great reputation can make it easier for you to either find the right property to purchase or know you’re in the right hands if you’re planning to sell.

An agent with a great reputation is likely known to be aggressive and unwilling to back down without negotiating a deal that’s favorable to her client. An agent does not develop a reputation like that without having extensive experience working with Beverly Hills real estate.

A great agent has insider information

Experienced Beverly Hills real estate agents understand their community, and they are aware of every high-end property that is part of it, whether that property is or isn’t available to the general public.

Perhaps there’s a potential client your agent has been hoping to add to her roster, and the home is exactly the type of Beverly Hills real estate you’re seeking. It’s possible that your agent can give you an idea what kind of financial offer you might have to pony up in order to entice the homeowner to consider selling.

A great agent is a resource 

While you might initially think that Beverly Hills real estate agents are simply doing business with you in order to earn a commission, in many cases you’d be very wrong.

A good agent wants to establish solid relationships, and will no doubt help you get to know your new community as a way to help you fit in. Your agent will know which restaurants or country clubs are best for mingling with the type of people who could become good friends, and they will know where to find the most innovative drink menus and exotic dinner items (which could be the fish selections at Avra Beverly Hills, although there are so many others from which to choose it might be difficult to narrow down.)

An experienced agent can help protect your interests

Whether you’re buying or selling Beverly Hills real estate, the right agent will make sure that you don’t overpay – even when the tight seller’s market seemingly demands it. She will also ensure that you don’t find yourself being paid less than your home is worth if you’re selling.

Good agents know how much value certain amenities add to your home, and will make sure that you get every penny you deserve for each of them.

An experienced agent will also know the regulations of your homeowners’ association or neighborhood, so if your purchase hinges on certain stipulations that can’t be completed under Beverly Hills rules, she won’t let you lose money making the purchase.

An agent is more informative than a listing

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Certainly you can hunt available Beverly Hills real estate on your own, but according to the financial website The Balance, an experienced agent will know more about a property than is included in its listing, including underlying problems or amenities that didn’t get a mention in a condensed real estate listing.

Beverly Hills may be exclusive, but agents work together

Whether on the selling or the buying side, both real estate agents stand to make a good commission on a Beverly Hills real estate transaction.

Because of the limited number of available luxury homes in Beverly Hills, experienced agents know all or most of them, and they also know the agent signed to sell it. A personable agent will not have a hard time developing relationships with other agents, so when a house that matches your wants and needs comes available, they will be in a better position to negotiate on your behalf.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the exclusive enclave that is Beverly Hills, reach out to trusted local agent Rochelle Maize to help you every step of the way.

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