The 4 Most Unusual Homes in Beverly Hills

The 4 Most Unusual Homes in Beverly Hills

  • 03/14/19

From Odes to Ancient Egypt to Witch-inspired Decor, Here are the Four Most Unusual Homes in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills real estate is known for being bigger and better than anywhere else. From Olympic-sized pools to garages that hold dozens of cars, everything is on an epic scale. Another area in which Beverly Hills real estate thrives is its uniqueness. There is so much character infused in every single property. Let’s take a look at the most unusual houses in the city.

1. The Spadena House

Also known as The Witch’s House, this property looks like it was plucked out of a fairytale. Characterized by lopsided angles, overgrown landscaping, an uneven paint job, and an overall grand but grotesque design, it’s easy to see how it got its enchanting and mythical nickname. 
Conceptualized by famed art director and Storybook architect Harry Oliver, the home was built in the early 20s. Although it started out as offices for director Irvin Willat’s film studio in Culver City, it made the move to its current location in 1934. 

The house has gained attention in pop culture, too. It served as the backdrop for a 1920s Hansel and Gretel film and more recently appeared in the 1995 film Clueless. Many people have compared the home to cartoons, more specifically Disney movies like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and The Haunted Mansion.

 You can visit the Spadena House at 516 Walden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

2. The O’Neill House

The Spadena House isn’t the only magical property in Beverly Hills. The O’Neill House also offers a dash of whimsy and a ton of fun. Loops and swirls appear everywhere on his white-and-blue cement property, evoking images of pastries and icing.
Inspired by the surrealism of artist Antoni Gaudi, art nouveau art dealer Don O’Neill and his wife began work on the property in the mid-80s. Unfortunately, Don never got to see the final product, passing away before the building was complete. However, his wife still lives on the property and many tourists flock to see this amazing design every year.

The O’Neill house can be seen at 507 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

3. Minecraft House

Although the Spadena and O’Neill Houses mostly house their flair on the outside, the Minecraft House’s fantastic nature starts when you walk through the doors. So named for the house’s owner, Minecraft creator Markus Persson, it makes sense that the home would have a fun, youthful ambiance.
The home includes 15 bathrooms, a lifesize imitation of James Dean’s motorcycle, and sweeping panoramic views of LA. However, the most interesting part of the home is no doubt the candy room: a space that houses fully-stocked candy dispensers and M&M statues. Modeled after Dylan’s Candy Bar, the room is worth a grand total of $200,000, a quarter of that due to the sweets itself. 

The $70 million home is located at 1181 N Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

4. Sheats-Goldstein House

Build in the 60s, architect John Lautner designed both the exterior and all the interior details of the Sheats-Goldstein House. The home is not only a showcase of his own taste and talent but also an extension of the natural world surrounding it. The glass skylights and open space in the living room blend the line between the indoors and outdoors, causing residents to be able to constantly enjoy the beautiful environment.
This home is a staple of pop culture, having been featured in films such as The Big Lebowski and Charlie’s Angels. It also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2014 with Jennifer Lawrence and has served as a private party destination for dozens of celebrities over the years. 

The Sheats-Goldstein House can be found at 10104 Angelo View Dr., Los Angeles, CA.

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