Learn To Utilize Your Most Valuable Branding Resource -You!

Learn To Utilize Your Most Valuable Branding Resource -You!

  • 10/2/17

As real estate agents, the consistent search for effective marketing techniques can have us running in circles. But, according to the Law of Authenticity from The Go-Giver Leader: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business, this search can come to an end once we learn to capitalize on the most precious resource we have to offer: ourselves.

Social media has become one of the most dominant advertising amenities, and to pursue it correctly, we must take it personally. Instead of forcing posts solely related to open houses and active listings, learn about others connected to you and begin conversations with them. Matt Bonelli, manager and broker associate for Turpin Realtors’ says to engage with these individuals authentically, comments and private messages are our go-to assets. ''No selling! Just build relationships and add value.''

The heart of the matter is, showcase yourself and who you are by recording your journey and genuinely share it with the world. Listing processes, buyer processes and video testimonials from clients are valuable, as they give outsiders a look behind the scenes in what you do.

Be yourself, show it to the world, and you will succeed.

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