Luxury Developers Are Painting The Town Green To Cater To The Eco-Conscious

  • 12/9/16

Real estate developers are seeing green.

Responding to interest among home buyers for eco-friendly dwellings, developers are building energy- and water-efficient features into homes, reusing materials instead of buying new ones and purchasing bicycles for residents to use.

They’re also catering to residents who are demanding filtered air and water, nontoxic paints and adhesives, and fixtures such as low-flow shower heads.

“To be eco-friendly is now expected,” said Hans Galland, senior vice president of development for Pacific Eagle, which is developing the 68-unit Cavalleri condominium complex in Malibu. “In the luxury space, sustainability is becoming part of a more holistic way to live, a lifestyle statement more than having another crystal chandelier.”

Cavalleri, scheduled to be completed early next year, is reusing the Spanish tile rooftops from the previous property that was on the site. Landscaping around the property will incorporate drought-resistant plants such as crape myrtle and California pepper trees.


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