The Power of Video: How Drones are Transforming Real Estate

The Power of Video: How Drones are Transforming Real Estate

  • 08/27/18

The Long View

The demand for video marketing is growing by the second—more than half of survey respondents recently told HubSpot they want to see more video content from marketers. Just as more businesses are adding video into their own marketing plans, realtors are at the forefront, hoping to entice potential buyers with an inside peek at available listings. And realtors are going above and beyond. Literally.

With potential home buyers often starting their searches at computers or on their phones, photography and video have become increasingly crucial in offering the full picture of a property. While traditional photography and video are important aspects of online listings, drone footage is quickly becoming a must-have. In fact, real estate is leading the marketing field in usage of drones. 

Drones have taken the real estate industry by storm for a variety of reasons. First of all, drones are easily accessible—you can now purchase a high quality drone perfect for real estate use easily and relatively inexpensively. Aerial property footage used to require hiring a helicopter and a photographer, so it’s easy to see why ease of use and accessibility explain the increased popularity of drone usage in the real estate industry. The bird’s-eye-view has become de rigueur, and the uses have expanded far beyond the overhead property shot. 

Drones allow realtors to provide perspective on larger properties and display homes’ accompanying landscape with ease. The use of aerial photography inside high-end homes also allows your realtor to offer potential buyers a close-up view of architectural details and unique elements of design that will make some homes stand out above the rest. 

The context small flying cameras provide is unbeatable. Drone footage can give potential buyers an all-angles look at the beautiful views many homes are prized for. In addition to giving buyers a tour of some of a home’s best outdoor features, whether it be a sparkling pool or lush garden, buyers get a view of the surrounding neighborhood and landscapes. Ocean views can be especially breathtaking via aerial footage.

Aerial footage captured by a drone is a wonderful way to make a property stand out, and home sellers are taking notice of the trend. The National Association of Realtors reported that 73 percent of sellers said they were more likely to work with a realtor who uses video to market their listings. The use of drone footage also has an impact on the selling process. A study of MLS listings found that homes with aerial video in their listings sold 68 percent faster than homes with traditional images.

And that’s why Rochelle Maize has invested in this and other technological trends. Her team regularly employs drone footage as part of her real estate marketing strategy, in addition to more advanced technology, such as virtual reality. This marketing strategy will ensure that your home’s listing stands out above the rest.


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