The Ultimate LA Bucket List

The Ultimate LA Bucket List

  • 10/19/18

A Collection of the Best Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences LA Has to Offer

There are hundreds of LA bucket lists floating around out there. All packed with dozens of items for tourists to quickly check off their lists. 

This is not one of those lists.

This is a list of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences for lifelong lovers of the LA lifestyle to savor. Plus a few hacks to conquer these items even if you’re not a member of the LA elite!

​​​​​​​This is the Ultimate LA Bucket List.

1. Get to a Movie Premiere

What’s more ‘LA’ than attending a movie premiere?

​​​​​​​The baller way to attend is to get an invite from an industry insider. But there are other ways to get your hands on passes. Studios often offer passes on their websites. Charities sometimes auction them off. Or you could score a free pair from local radio stations, who regularly give away premiere passes to callers.

​​​​​​​2. Visit the Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is a private, exclusive magical arts club housed in a historic Victorian mansion. They make magic cool. 

Admission is only permitted to members and invited guests. There is a strict dress code, including coat and tie for evening performances.

You could scour the city to find a member willing to invite you. Or you could book a stay at the Magic Castle Hotel. As a guest of the hotel, you can land a coveted invite. Just make sure you book your room with the hotel directly to earn this perk (using a broker like Expedia or won’t cut it).  

​​​​​​​3. Helicopter to Catalina

Catalina Island is a lovely escape from the hustle of the city. And it’s only a 15-minute helicopter ride away. 

Board in Long Beach and enjoy stunning views of the Pacific and the coast on your short trip to Avalon. Hike the mountains, soak up some sun in the marina, or try a zip line tour for an island adventure!

​​​​​​​4. Ski and Surf on the Same Day

How many places in the world offer both ocean waves and fresh powder in such close proximity?

​​​​​​​Wake up on a winter morning in a cabin at Big Bear for a morning ski session. Then drive the 2 hours (3.5 with traffic!) to Santa Monica to catch some afternoon waves.

5. Join a Live Studio Audience

Sure, this is hokey. It’s also so much fun!

Whether you want to see a late night host like Jimmy Kimmel, a daytime talk show like Ellen, or even a game show like The Price is Right, LA is full of options. Tickets are often free (just check the website for the show of your choice), but you’ll probably be on a waiting list for a few months.

Bonus points if you can score a spot at one of the big awards shows or at one of Ellen’s Christmas Giveaway shows.

​​​​​​​LA is not the place to stay in and let life pass you by. Get out there and live it up in this world-class city! 


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