4 Unique Light Fixtures to Integrate Into Your Beverly Hills Home

4 Unique Light Fixtures to Integrate Into Your Beverly Hills Home

  • 12/13/19

It’s no secret that lighting can make or break a space. From pendants to chandeliers to outdoor hanging lights, the possibilities are endless. Here are four fixtures to consider incorporating into your Beverly Hills home

Pendant Lighting

Designed to hang from the ceiling, pendant lights add an elegant, upscale look to any room. With dozens of types of light shades available (think metal, glass, and even fabric), you can easily find one that matches your chosen room’s wallpaper or paint color. An especially popular choice for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, pendant lights range in size from miniature to large as well as shapes such as globes, drums, and abstract.


While the name “chandelier” might conjure images of Baccarat, in reality, these light fixtures run the gamut from ultra-fancy to fairly casual. Most people choose to place chandeliers in their living rooms, foyers, or master bedrooms (but you really can’t go wrong). From geometric lantern chandeliers to globe chandeliers to candle-style chandeliers, these lighting options add a dash of formality, fanciness, or fun depending on the style. While you might traditionally associate chandeliers with glass or crystal, we’re also a big fan of more modern looks, like brass and wood.

Recessed Lighting

While pendants and chandeliers make for bold statement pieces, recessed lighting is a little more understated. Recessed lights (also known as downlights) are usually installed into an opening in the ceiling, shining down towards the floor or serving to spotlight a certain area. Recessed lighting is a great option if you want to highlight artwork or other wall hangings, add extra light to a room, or open up the space to make it appear bigger.

Wall Sconces

Few things liven up a wall like a well-placed sconce. Often used in bedrooms and bathrooms, wall sconces can expertly lighten up your bathroom mirror, make tasks like reading in a library or bedroom easier, or show off special pieces of art that you want to highlight. Sconces come in all materials (think glass, crystal, and even beads) as well as all shapes and sizes. We’re especially fond of industrial-style sconces.

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