3 Reasons Why LA Buyers Love Trousdale Estates

3 Reasons Why LA Buyers Love Trousdale Estates

  • 01/25/19

An Esteemed LA Neighborhood With Roots in Opulence, Class, and Magnificence. 

Trousdale Estates is a dreamy, ultra-luxe neighborhood located in Beverly Hills. Situated within the highest altitude in the area, the homes are nestled in amongst the base of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. Built during the mid-20th century, the development promised residents “a life above it all”--their famous slogan describing the high-end community and its unbeatable view.

​​​​​​​Today, Trousdale Estates stands as the pinnacle of LA extravagance. From the custom architecture, rich greenery, and celebrity inhabitants, there are endless reasons to love Trousdale Estates. Here are just a few. 

​​​​​​​1. Exclusive Properties Built by Celebrity Designers

The development of Trousdale Estates occurred between the 1950s and 1970s, the first group of affluent clients purchasing sprawling lots and hiring the most popular architects and interior designers of the time to erect residential masterpieces. Esteemed artists such as Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams, and A. Quincy Jones exercised their groundbreaking creativity to shape the neighborhood into an architectural oasis.

Trousdale Estates became the Los Angeles hub for Mid-Century Modern residences, all custom-built specifically within this community. Lavish Hollywood Regency and California Ranch-style houses are also present--classics in California’s luxury home scene.

In 1987, the Trousdale Ordinance was passed, preserving the neighborhood’s charm and history by limiting remodels and restricting demolitions. 

​​​​​​​2. Privacy and Security 

Trousdale Estates has always been successful in delivering the full experience of tasteful affluence. Not only does the community establish impeccable design quality, but it also reinforces the experience with highlighting amenities.

Since the town’s beginning, high-profile residents have called Trousdale Estates home. Famous faces of the past like Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Richard Nixon--along with modern stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Vera Wang, and Jane Fonda---have all resided here.

​​​​​​​Privacy and intimacy are granted to residents, beautifully provided by lush landscaping and large draping lawns. The community is attended to by constant security surveillance and patrols, ensuring the safety and protection for every local.

​​​​​​​3. Beautiful Preserved Location

The original integrity of Trousdale Estates has been carefully protected throughout the changing times. The area’s scenic charm is quintessential to the experience of the community. Prominent views of the Santa Monica Mountains are accentuated by stoic single-story estates.

Legal moves have been taken in order to safeguard the expansive outlook of each home. Official ordinances have been implemented, requiring every property to be at least 3,000 square feet but remain only a single story. This way, no towering masses can interrupt the neighborhood’s elegant flow.

The legacy and conservation of Trousdale Estates ensure that buyers will love the area. With its rich history, this one-of-a-kind design treasure is a highly-coveted destination. Trousdale Estates is truly a historical facet of Beverly Hills, sitting as an apex of luxury real estate.

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