Thanksgiving Decor Inspo

Thanksgiving Decor Inspo

  • Rochelle Atlas Maize
  • 11/21/22

Home decor is the first step in hosting a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. If you are looking for ideas to help get started, or finish those last few details, here is some Thanksgiving themed decor inspiration.

1. Door Decor

Your front door is your first impression. The entrance to your Thanksgiving dinner may be your best opportunity to make a statement. Utilize your leftover pumpkins from Halloween and reimagine them as timeless traditional Thanksgiving decor. While you may think of a wreath as a Christmas decoration, however, a monotone floral wreath with minimal accent color can add a stunning visual element to your front door.

2. Fireplace Decor

If you live in sunny California, you may not get many chances to enjoy your fireplace. This Thanksgiving, take advantage of the winter weather and draw some much needed attention to your fireplace. Colorful branches of autumn leaves can turn any fireplace into a spectacle. Bring the beauty of nature during these winter months into your home with thoughtful uses of leaves, branches, pinecones, and even those mini pumpkins you still have from this year's Halloween festivities.

3. Table Decor

The focal point of any Thanksgiving dinner will be your dinning table. Mix timeless traditional design with modern accent pieces to make a beautiful standout decoration. Starting with a simple, dark table cloth allows you to focus attention on small accent decor pieces. Candles, mini pumpkins, or even your silverware itself will stand out beautifully on top of a simple cloth.

We invite you to check out the RMLE Thanksgiving Decor LookBook via Instagram

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Thanksgiving Decor Inspo


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