Real Estate Agents Take Digital Strides

Real Estate Agents Take Digital Strides

  • 07/18/18

The international luxury real estate market is constantly updating to stay modern, current, and on the cutting edge- just like luxury estate buyers. By combining media with tech, today’s luxury estate agents are able to bring a world of properties to their client’s doors, as opposed to bringing clients to the doors of properties. 

With new, virtual reality (VR) technology, agents can help their clients tour listings in Dubai, Paris, New York, San Francisco, etc. without ever leaving the comfort and privacy of their own home. This technology is revolutionizing the real estate market, thanks to the branded VR goggles being developed Rochelle Maize and Nourmand & Associates. As of June 2017, 33% of buyers made an offer on a home without ever seeing it in person, and compared to the only 19% in 2016, the near doubling of this percentage further indicates the drastic increase in VR technology and applicability in the high-end market. 

However, VR technology doesn’t only represent a home as it is; VR can also allow agents to stage properties per the taste of their clients, declutter an overcrowded space or decorate an empty room in order to help convey the true potential of each listing. Not only does this help potential buyers envision the property at its best, but it also aids the seller by making their home accessible to a global audience. 

Further, as a result of the new software, VR-chitect, which is being developed by Nourmand & Associates, developers are able to tour renovations, designs, and architectural models, allowing them to actually see a project before its completed, and even before construction is ever started. 

The luxury market today is dependent on the way in which buyers and sellers are able to see their homes and properties, and their future homes and properties. By leveraging media for the home-buying experience, the seller can control the impressions of their estate, and the buyer is able to see the best that the property can be. 

Managing media to represent the best aspects of an estate is critical to the success of a sale in the high-end real estate market. In Maize’s newest feature, the blend of media, graphic statements, music, and actual property footage creates an impact in which the viewer is confident in her success, outstanding results, and ability to deliver for her high-end clientele. By generating these lasting and powerful impressions in a one minute video, Maize is able to capture her viewers trust and potential business in a quick and impressive 60 seconds, as a result of her media management.

Through applying the same media principles to listings, sellers are able to captivate the interest of the buyer and generate a positive and lasting impression of their estate. The control of the world’s first impression of a luxury-property is an invaluable resource that can help dictate the course of the sale. By using the techniques that Maize demonstrates in her recent feature, along with cutting-edge VR software, Maize is able to represent luxury properties at their best, to a global audience. 


Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over $3.5 Billion in closed transactions.

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