9 Luxury Amenities Buyers Want in a Beverly Hills Home

9 Luxury Amenities Buyers Want in a Beverly Hills Home

  • Rochelle Atlas Maize
  • 06/12/23

Beverly Hills is known for its luxury, and home buyers are no exception. They want the best of the best when it comes to their homes and are willing to pay top dollar for it. Here are nine luxurious amenities that home buyers look for in Beverly Hills luxury real estate:

Private infinity pool and spa

One of the principal reasons people move to Beverly Hills is for access to the year-round sunny weather. A private pool and spa area is the perfect way to enjoy the California sun in luxury. Opulent outdoor living spaces with a bar and an infinity pool are sure to impress any Beverly Hills buyer. To take the pool and pool deck up another notch, vanishing glass dividers between the home's living space and the outdoor pool area is also very popular. Having the pool deck area seamlessly connected to the interior living and gathering spaces creates a fabulous open area for entertaining guests, a feature luxury home buyers look for in a home.

Gourmet kitchen

Another essential feature for Beverly Hills home buyers is a gourmet kitchen. This is where they will prepare food when entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties, so it needs to be up to the highest culinary standards. A professional-grade kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances like Viking, Wolf, and Subzero is an absolute must for a luxury home. In addition, the kitchen must be large, with plenty of space for food preparation and storage. Several warming drawers, a wine fridge, and hidden trash receptacles are also high on the list of “must haves” for a Beverly Hills homebuyer. Most luxury home buyers will also look for a spacious walk-in pantry, a butler’s pantry, and a large center island. High-end custom cabinetry, natural stone flooring materials, and granite countertops are essential. 

Home theater

Another amenity that is quite popular in Beverly Hills is a home theater.  A state-of-the-art theater room with comfortable seating and the latest audio and visual technology is perfect for entertaining friends or family. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, people watch more movies and TV shows at home than ever. A Dedicated home theater gives homeowners the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day or to hang out for a movie night with friends. To add to the high-end character of the theater room, buyers look for a custom bar and kitchenette for preparing and serving drinks and snacks. If you have a spare room, converting it into a home theater is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to add luxury appeal to your property.

Wine cellar

Beverly Hills is also known for its wine culture, so it's no surprise that a wine cellar is high on the list of amenities for many buyers. Wine cellars are popular for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they provide an ideal environment for storing wine. Wine must be kept in a cool, dark place to preserve its flavor and quality, and a wine cellar is a perfect solution. Additionally, wine cellars can add a touch of elegance to a home. They are often beautifully designed spaces, with custom racks and cabinets that showcase a homeowner's collection. Finally, wine cellars can be used as a gathering space for entertaining guests. They provide a convenient place to serve wine and can also be used for private tastings or small parties. Whether for storage, decoration, or entertaining, wine cellars are desirable for many luxury home buyers.

Fitness center

Shopping for a luxury home is all about finding the right amenities to suit your lifestyle, and with all of the glamorous events and parties in Beverly Hills, many residents like to keep in shape. A fitness room is a perfect way to incorporate wellness into the everyday routine. A fitness room lets you stay fit and healthy without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. When outfitting a fitness room, choosing equipment and accessories that fit the home’s overall style is essential. High-end fitness rooms are typically equipped with top-of-the-line exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights. Other must-haves may include a flat-screen TV, sound system, and comfortable seating. The objective is to design a space that is both functional and inviting. The room should also have plenty of natural light and ventilation, making it a pleasant area to spend time in.

Spa-style ensuite

After a long day of work, Beverly Hills residents like to relax in style. There are a few key reasons why luxury home shoppers prioritize ensuite bathrooms. One reason is that an ensuite bathroom offers privacy and seclusion, two highly valued qualities in a luxury home. An ensuite bathroom can be a true oasis, a private retreat where homeowners can relax and unwind. A luxurious, spa-style ensuite bathroom is also a sign of wealth and success. To truly impress luxury home shoppers, an ensuite bathroom should include high-end finishes like marble or travertine floors and vanity tops, heated towel racks, frameless glass shower doors, and a freestanding soaking tub. By having these luxurious features, homeowners can ensure that their ensuite bathroom will appeal to the most discerning buyers.

Large multi-car garages

As Beverly Hills residents often have multiple luxury cars, an oversized multi-car garage is another crucial amenity for home buyers. A multi-vehicle garage provides essential storage space for expensive cars, motorcycles, and other items, and a garage helps keep valuables safe and out of sight.

Smart home technology

When shopping for a luxury home, many buyers are looking for properties that feature the latest smart home technology. Smart home technology enhances convenience and provides an extra level of security. This can include features like automated lighting, temperature control, and security systems that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Home automation systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in high-end properties, as they offer a level of convenience and peace of mind that is highly sought-after by luxury home buyers. In addition, smart home technology is becoming more common in the future.

Gated access

Luxury home buyers place a high premium on privacy and security, so they look for homes with gated access or a Beverly Hills gated community. Gated access is one of the most important features that buyers look for in a Beverly Hills home. A gated entrance helps to keep out unwanted visitors and provides an extra layer of security for residents. In addition, gated access can also help to create a sense of exclusivity and prestige. Gated access is a must-have feature for many luxury home buyers in Beverly Hills.

These are just some luxury amenities that Beverly Hills home buyers are looking for. If you're considering the sale of your home, make sure to highlight any unique features or amenities your property offers. With the expertise of Rochelle Maize, you can be sure to appeal to the right buyers and get the best price for your home. For more information, contact Rochelle Maize Real Estate.


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