We love our city and are proud to support a number of important causes and the work of incredible organizations.


Temple Emmanuel & Chabad of Bel Air

''Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills has been a sacred and diverse community in which people of diverse backgrounds come together to mark life's passages and discover a Jewish way of making sense of the world. As a modern Reform Jewish congregation and synagogue in Los Angeles, Emanuel encourages its members to find and explore a meaningful Jewish life. For over 20 years, Rochelle has been a member of Emanuel’s Pillar Program, whose members are a significant source for the Temple’s support, enabling them to provide important programs and services to its members. Richard and Rochelle have always been on the forefront in helping the community with assistance for adult health educational programs and other programs for our youth. Rabbi Mentz, of Chabad of Bel Air, describes how Rochelle’s “love for humanity made it so easy to work with her to help the many people in need for all of our programs.'' 


''The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has been dedicated to collecting works of art that uniquely represent the diverse population of Los Angeles for the past 50 years. Today, LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States, serving the public through its broad representation of cultures as a vital part of Southern California, a place Rochelle has called home for 25 years.''

Creative Bridge Coalition

''The Creative Bridge Coalition is an innovative, problem-solving organization that brings music into the lives of children. Created by education and music industry veterans, CBC helps kids learn effectively through music-based programs. Rochelle’s contributions to the CBC over the years have supported developing projects that bring music to young children and those with specials needs. Richard & Rochelle have maintained their personal and financial support for the CBC’s Los Angeles projects and continue to visit their program at Lanterman High School over the past few years.''

Green Youth Movement

''Green Youth Movement (GYM), a non-profit organization located in Beverly Hills, CA, was established by mother-daughter team Rochelle and Ally Maize in 2005. Ally was inspired to start GYM after watching "The Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore in a school science class. Concerned by what she learned about global warming, Ally decided to be proactive. She wanted to reach out to other children to make them aware of the environmental concerns, thus GYM was born. GYM’s mission is to educate kids worldwide on environmental awareness & living green, and to integrate this information as part of the curriculum in elementary schools. In 2011, GYM spearheaded a partnership with The Education and Environment Initiative (EEI). The state of California approved this curriculum for the classroom and GYM’s goal was achieved!''

The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

''The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles leads the community by leveraging its resources to assure the continuity of the Jewish people. The organization uniquely unites a group of people who have communal goals and encourages collaboration from within in order to achieve them. The success of the organization depends largely on its leadership and volunteers, making Rochelle's participation and support with fund-raising initiatives both significant and meaningful.''

Big Brothers Big Sisters

''Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles is an essential organization that positively impacts the lives of children by pairing a child with a role model, and thus empowering them to succeed. Rochelle, who sits on the Board of Directors, takes pride in supporting the organization on behalf of the youth, who have been benefiting from the essential children's services provided by the BBBS. Additionally, as a Guild member, Rochelle aids the organization with fund-raising and silent auctions during their annual fund-raising event.''


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