Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate Agent

When buying a home here, you’ll want to work with a top Beverly Hills luxury real estate agent who knows the area and its nuances.

Why You’ll Love Working with a Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate Agent

  • Extensive experience working specifically in the Beverly Hills luxury real estate market

  • Understanding of the market and current trends, makes the entire process easy

  • Recognition and acclaim from a large pool of elite clientele and colleagues


By the Numbers

As one of Nourmand & Associates’ top-producing agents, Rochelle Maize is an expert on selling exclusively multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills homes.

Rochelle has proven herself an indispensable asset to the world of luxury real estate throughout her long and accomplished career. In her time as a realtor, Rochelle has sold countless homes and achieved more than $3.5 billion in career sales, and has been deemed a legend among her professional colleagues, celebrity clients, and the community she serves.   


Her track record of success has earned her national recognition as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Real Estate Agents, The Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends Top Brokers, LABJ’s Real Estate Elite, Variety’s Real Estate Elite, and a spot on the Forbes Real Estate Council.

Additionally, thanks to Rochelle’s design experience, she is also adept at helping her clients realize the full potential of each property she represents. She has a skillset of dynamic qualities and a sense of style that blends exceptionally well with the stamina required of anyone working within this area’s luxury market. She has earned the admiration and esteem of her clients and associates, going on to become one of the most honorable and respected real estate professionals in Beverly Hills.

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Why Work with a Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate Agent

If you hope to find a luxury home in Beverly Hills, the best thing you can do is hire a luxury real estate agent that can streamline the process and narrow your search. They can help you find the best possible properties while simultaneously mitigating risks and avoiding risks and potential pitfalls. Whether you're buying or selling a home, there are plenty of factors to consider that a knowledgeable agent can assist you in understanding. 

Having the correct representation is critical to the process as you navigate a fast, ever-changing market and are forced to make significant decisions about your lifestyle and livelihood. Rochelle is a lauded Beverly Hills luxury real estate agent with extensive area expertise. She knows the ins and outs of the business and can help you make the best choices for yourself and your family when it comes to purchasing your dream home or selling a property. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the right luxury agent is a cost-efficient expert who can give you the benefit of their experience by offering insider tips, tricks, and influential connections to help you find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Experience with Luxury Homes

Theoretically, you could work with any realtor who has experience buying and selling homes, but it would not be to your best benefit. If you're in the market for a luxury home, then it's best to hire an expert on them. 

Luxury homes have different considerations than an average house, especially when considering privacy, affluence, amenities, neighborhood, culture, community, and more. Rochelle specializes in the luxury market and has an in-depth understanding of what luxury buyers and homeowners need. 

Those who work within the high-end market look for specific characteristics that the average person doesn't understand. Plus, Rochelle has access to exclusive listings and specific certifications and skills in the essential areas. 

Because the Beverly Hills market is unique, you want to hire an agent who has worked within the suburb for years and knows the range of unique housing options available. Suppose you're looking for a specific architectural style. In that case, whether it be a Neo-Classical manor or a Tuscan-style villa, a luxury agent can point you in the right direction while also taking into account prices, market trends, and nearby entertainment. 

Do you want to live north or south of the tracks? Would you prefer to be close to Rodeo Drive or the beach? These are vital considerations that must be established beforehand and that a trained expert like Rochelle understands. Partnering with the right Beverly Hills agent is paramount to having a successful transaction. 

Exclusive Listings

As mentioned, luxury real estate agents are more likely to have information on off-market properties and exclusive listings that local agents might be unaware are available. It is a luxury realtor's job to keep their finger on the market's pulse so they can offer their clients a more comprehensive selection. 

Sometimes high-profile sellers such as CEOs and celebrities will not list their homes through MLS or with a local realtor and will only facilitate sales through a luxury agent. By hiring one, you'll be broadening your range and improving the chances of finding the perfect Beverly Hills home.  

Staying Up To Date

When you buy property, you have to consider local ordinances and real estate laws. These laws and requirements change regularly, and wealthy markets like Beverly Hills maintain specific developments and guidelines that must be followed to the letter. 

When you're searching for a home for sale in the Beverly Hills luxury real estate market, a great real estate agent will already know the latest trends and regulations, saving you time and energy. Agents who specialize in this market have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and the necessary steps to follow to ensure your transaction goes smoothly. 


The best Beverly Hills luxury real estate agents will have elite and reliable connections to the area's best developers, contractors, home inspectors, and more. Rochelle has carefully curated an extensive network of trusted and reputable sellers, agents, and other real estate professionals who she can contact at a moment's notice if extra assistance is needed to help you buy or sell a property. 

While local agents typically also have networks of their own, they're not necessarily going to have access to people within the luxury market the way a specialized realtor will. Never underestimate the power of having an elite Rolodex of quality contacts to help foster a seamless transaction. In today's busy modern world, families, professionals, and executives might not have the time to seek out those connections themselves, which is why there is a priceless value to the connectivity required of Beverly Hills luxury real estate agents. 

This notion is especially true for those relocating to the area who don't know the lay of the land yet and need someone that already has their eyes and ears on the ground.  


Marketing is vital to anyone in the real estate game, but especially for high-end buyers. If you're selling a home in Beverly Hills, it's essential to get your property seen by the broadest range of buyers possible. Rochelle has extensive experience marketing high-end homes. These homes need to be marketed to the right clientele and target audience, which means gathering high-quality materials and doing what is necessary to sell your house fast and for top dollar.

The Best Deal

Let's be honest. When you're looking for the best realtor in the area for buying or selling, you want to find someone who will fight on your behalf and work hard to get you the best deal or maximize your profits. A luxury real estate agent will know the value of a home when they step through the front door. 

While local agents might have an estimate, the luxury agents are experts on all of the neighborhoods. Not only do they consider the house itself, but they'll look at what it's close to, the value of surrounding homes, the community itself, nearby schools, etc. Every type of agent has an area of expertise. A Beverly Hills luxury realtor can provide unparalleled insight into the 90210 that you simply will not find with a regular agent. 


Continuing from that above point, luxury agents recognize that high-end clients are looking for a specific lifestyle. They regularly work and interact with celebrities, industry tycoons, influencers, and other high-powered clients who expect a certain degree of privacy, sophistication, and glamor in all of their dealing. Luxury agents are experienced in the Beverly Hills culture and lifestyle and they know what you're looking for when searching for a home for sale in Beverly Hills and cater to a specific caliber of quality.

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