What You Don't Know About Beverly Hills Real Estate

What You Don't Know About Beverly Hills Real Estate

  • 08/28/18

Although Beverly Hills is probably one of the most well-known zip codes in the world, there are a lot of things people don’t know about this iconic community. While some might think of the neighborhood as a symbol of fame and glamor, those who call Beverly Hills home actually see it more as a tight-knit community with a small town feel.

The stand-alone municipality within the city of Los Angeles is home to around 35,000 people, many of whom have called Beverly Hills their home for generations. The city is divided into two sections by Santa Monica Boulevard, which is where Pacific Electric once operated streetcars that ran from one end of the City of Los Angeles to the other. Beverly Hills residents still refer to these sections as north of the tracks (the City of Beverly Hills and parts of Los Angeles that are located north of Santa Monica Boulevard up to Mulholland Drive) and south of the tracks (downtown Beverly Hills and nearby residential areas south of Santa Monica Boulevard).

The area known as north of the tracks is made up of four distinct neighborhoods. Beverly Hills Flats, which lies between Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevards, is an elite neighborhood made up of elaborate estates and large luxury homes. The beautiful tree-lined streets of the Flats extend into lovely green spaces like the Beverly Gardens Park at the northern end of Santa Monica Boulevard. North of the Flats is the Beverly Hills Gateway, which is home to iconic Beverly Hills attractions like the Beverly Hills Hotel and Greystone Mansion. Continuing through the area north of the tracks, you’ll find an array of modern and mid-century luxury homes in Trousdale Estates and homes located in communities known as Beverly Hills Post Office areas (homes with a 90210 address but are part of the City of Los Angeles).

The area south of the tracks features the Golden Triangle—the commercial center of the City of Beverly Hills. While this area is known for amazing shopping opportunities on the infamous Rodeo Drive, it’s also the location of some exclusive amenities just for Beverly Hills residents. Locals can take advantage of the Beverly Hills Dog Park and Beverly Hills Public Library, both located in the Golden Triangle. The area south of the tracks is also home to some exclusive residential neighborhoods, including the neighborhoods surrounding Roxbury and La Cienega Parks.

In addition to those distinct neighborhoods, Beverly Hills also boasts some other unique characteristics. It’s the only city in the state to have no visible power lines and telephone lines (they’re actually buried underground). You won’t be distracted from the beauty of the city by annoying advertisements either—there are no billboards in Beverly Hills. And while the Beverly Hills Police Department can be at your home within a minute and the post office offers valet parking, the city does not have a hospital or a cemetary.

It’s not every community that occupies such a prominent place in our collective imaginations (Beverly Hills has been in the titles of too many TV shows and movies to list here), but if that’s all you know of the area, you are missing out on some of it’s genuine charms. Home prices in Beverly Hills come in slightly higher than similar homes in other Los Angeles neighborhoods—the average home size in Beverly Hills is around 5,000 square feet, which typically sells for around $1,200 per square foot. And home values in the area have been on the rise over the past year, making now the perfect time to invest in Beverly Hills real estate. Contact Rochelle Maize today to find your Beverly Hills home.


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