Foreign Investors Dumping Huge Amounts Of Capital Into Los Angeles Real Estate

  • 08/19/16

Overseas investors and developers have been rushing in to fund the revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles, in addition to buying assets in other locations throughout the county. It’s gotten to the point where local players have complained that it’s becoming hard to compete with their cold hard cash offers. But who are these investors and where is their money coming from? Some of the biggest sources of foreign capital come from oil-rich countries such as Qatar as well as some of the U.S.’s closest neighbors, such as Canada.

In a bid to determine which countries have the most skin in the L.A. real estate game, TRD analysed the sales of properties bought by foreign-based companies between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016, using data from Real Capital Analytics. TRD then ranked countries based on the total dollar value of the L.A. holdings they’re invested in, but was not always able to establish the specific value of their respective stakes in those properties. Read More


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