Celebrity Designer Retreat Listed & Into Escrow Within 7 Days, Sold Within 30 Days!

  • 07/14/16

Lauren Moshi, celebrity designer-to-the-stars and trendy Robertson boutique owner just sold her chic West Hollywood gem. Moshi’s standout clothing company, inspired by high fashion and fine art, creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted. Moshi, who hand draws every original piece of artwork in her store, targets customers who appreciate the finer details and intricate designs–and the same can be said for her home.

The home is situated on one of the best streets in West Hollywood behind private, beautifully landscaped gates, and boasts the same attention to detail and artistic uniqueness that can be found at Moshi’s store.

Rochelle Atlas Maize, listing agent, previously described this home as a lucky gem, “This house is a goodluck charm, I’ve sold it three different times to single women, who moved in, found their husband, had two kids and moved out because they outgrew it.” To learn more, click here.


Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over 2 Billion of closed transactions.

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