Bird Streets

Bird Streets Real Estate

White-hot celebrity enclave perched high above the Sunset Strip.

The Bird Streets: L.A Hottest Neighborhood

Real Estate in the Bird Streets is more desirable than ever. Located in the Hollywood Hills, rising high above the Sunset Strip, the Bird Streets offer a beautiful blend of mid-century and ultra-modern homes with commanding views across Los Angeles’ iconic skyline.

Residents of the Bird Streets enjoy the calm and quiet of a community perched above the vibrant streets of West Hollywood. With only a few hundred properties within the area, this is a highly exclusive and much sought-after neighborhood. Residents of the Bird Streets include some of Hollywood’s most famous actors and directors and its most powerful producers and showrunners.

The property market within this exclusive community is booming as Hollywood’s biggest names compete to move into these incredibly desirable homes. Friends stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston have recently moved into a community that is already home to such illustrious names as Keanu Reeves, Tobey Maguire, Jodie Foster, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bird Streets’ incredible location have propelled its property market to heights beyond Los Angeles’ other most desirable neighborhoods. With its incredible jetliner views and proximity to the Sunset Strip, it’s easy to see why the Bird Streets’ properties are so highly sought-after. The current boom in the Bird Streets’ property market has seen chic jewel box homes and magnificent modern architecture appear along its hillsides.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Close-Knit Community Spirit

Residents of the Bird Streets enjoy a close-knit community atmosphere that can be unusual in a city as large as Los Angeles. Neighborhood functions thrown by groups such as the Doheny Dining Club have attracted many of the Bird Streets’ most famous individuals, along with the highly successful doctors and lawyers who live alongside them.

While the Bird Streets’ property market has really increased exponentially over the past five years, its history as a highly desirable place among the Hollywood elite stretches back much further. Musicians and popular music figures have also been drawn to the Bird Streets, with Christina Aguilera just recently moving out of the neighborhood.

The Beatles’ George Harrison has a particularly strong connection with this vaunted neighborhood, penning the lyric “There’s a fog upon L.A., and my friends have lost their way,” while staring out at the incredible city skyscape. The street on which Harrison lived has since been named after the song he wrote there. Blue Jay Way is situated near the top of the Bird Streets, but still lies within a five-minute drive of Soho House down on the Sunset Strip.

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