Beverly Hills Post Office

Beverly Hills Post Office

Breathtaking luxury homes situated within gated communities rising high into the Santa Monica Mountains.

90210: The World's Most Famous ZIP Code

Beverly Hills Post Office is located at the western edge of Los Angeles' exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood and extends into the surrounding hillsides, all while retaining the area's highly sought-after 90210 zip code.

The neighborhood initially built its reputation on providing more spacious lots than others available in the established Beverly Hills community. Known as BHPO, this area came to prominence following the introduction of zip codes in the United States in 1963, providing a prime location and expansive lots that have since been developed into some of Los Angeles' most desirable gated communities.

An Escape From the City for LA's Elite Residents

Since their construction in the 1960s, BHPO's gated communities have blossomed and proved to be an irresistible attraction to the city's most elite residents. From prosperous business executives to instantly-recognizable Hollywood A-listers, the private pockets within BHPO have allowed these wealthy residents to find peace and seclusion while maintaining access to all of the desirable spots within Los Angeles' entertainment industry metropolis.

The distinguished communities that make up Beverly Hills Post Office include some of Los Angeles' most well-known neighborhoods, including Benedict Canyon, Beverly Park, Beverly Ridge Estates, Coldwater Canyon, Mulholland Estates, and The Summit.

The Ultimate in Luxury LA Living

The multimillion dollar properties in Beverly Hills Post Office provide incredible panoramic views of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains and out over the Pacific Ocean.

Homes here are spacious and spectacular. These architectural marvels span thousands of square feet and house an array of customized design features. From ornate Italian Villas to elegant East Coast-style estates, these homes are as distinctive and charismatic as those who reside within them.

State-of-the-art features in and around these striking properties include regulation-sized tennis courts and swimming pools, and their interiors feature the very best fixtures and fittings that money can buy. With saunas, spas, wine cellars, home theaters, bowling alleys and more, the incredible bespoke features of these Beverly Hills Post Office homes are limited only by the imaginations of these who own them.

Beverly Hills Post Office offers the ultimate in luxurious LA living without restricting access to all that makes Los Angeles such a desirable city to live in. From the upscale shopping and Michelin-starred restaurants of Rodeo Drive just a short drive away to the captivating open space of the Santa Monica Mountains and the cultural attractions of the entertainment industry's capital city, all can be accessed with ease from BHPO.


Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over 2 Billion of closed transactions.

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