Is Zillow’s New App a Game Changer?

On Thursday, Zillow announced it’s new plan to launch 3D home tours for those listed on the market for sale or rent, allowing consumers to take immersive tours of the properties. Technology is booming, and for the millennials who currently make up 70 percent of first-time homebuyers, this new 3D technology can be just as effective, or more than an open house tour.

Zillow’s data shows that almost 50% of homebuyers and renters search for their homes from a distance, so it is thought that these virtual tours will increase revenues tremendously. “Rich media, like these new 3D Homes, will help buyers and renters more easily visualize themselves living in the home, no matter how far away they happened to be,” said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group chief marketing officer. “Photos have always been vital to the home search process and now 3D tours can give buyers and renters a realistic understanding of what it would be like to live in the home.”

The company is currently developing their new app which will feature “home capture”. This facet will allow the user to cost-effectively capture the 3D panoramic photos of their home right on their personal cell phones. Usually, 3D virtual tours are costly and are only available to those who hold higher-end listings.

Pictures are the most important factor when it comes to listing a proper in the market, and Zillow’s new app will definitely be a game changer.



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