In the competitive Los Angeles real estate industry, Rochelle Maize truly stands apart as a financially savvy, intelligent, and people-oriented professional. Rochelle came into real estate after a 15-year career in wealth management. As Vice President of a well-known investment firm in Beverly Hills, Rochelle advised many high-net-worth clients, helping them with their investment needs. When Rochelle came to look for a new challenge, real estate piqued her interest. An investor herself, she already had years of experience buying and developing properties. After receiving her license, Rochelle found that transitioning into the industry was relatively easy for her. Starting with just family and friends, her business quickly grew. “From the start, people were impressed with my wealth management background and how I approach the market. They felt instantly comfortable with me,” Rochelle explains.


Today, she serves as the Executive Director of the Luxury Estates division at Nourmand & Associates. Over the last 12 months, she has sold over $200 million, prompting The Wall Street Journal to recognize her as one of the top brokers in United States.


Rochelle’s sales continuously make headlines. The Los Angeles Times recognized Rochelle for her luxury sale representation of icons such as Freddie Fields. Another one of her listed properties was featured as the newspaper’s “Home of the Week.” Coverage of Rochelle’s properties also extends to film media, as Bravo television show Million Dollar Listing showcased one her listings.


Recently, Rochelle represented the buyer of the largest property to trade in the last 18 months in Beverly Hills, which belonged to Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman. Rochelle’s focus on luxury properties and estates, her strong work ethic, investment knowledge and trustworthiness make her the perfect fit for this market. “I’m up early in the morning analyzing and looking for properties,” she explains. “I work 24/7 to find my clients the perfect properties for their individual needs.” Her diligence and dedication stand out, making her a one-of-a-kind Realtor.


When working with Rochelle, clients appreciate her expertise and professionalism. “It’s all about the service that I give them,” she explains. And with that service comes an unrelenting work ethic that drives her to do whatever it takes to get her clients in the home of their dreams. Rochelle says, “My clients know they’re in the best hands possible because I take care of them. I do whatever it takes to get them the best possible result.”


Throughout the process, Rochelle views transactions from a financial perspective, striving to find her clients properties that will prove to be fruitful investments. Clients find this trait invaluable, as she is able to provide them with sound advice about their investments. “It’s just about sticking to what works for you,” she explains. It is clear that Rochelle’s financial expertise and personable nature resonates well with clients.


In addition to Rochelle’s passion for real estate, she is also a devout member of her local community. Rochelle serves on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers and Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. Her engagement also extends to the Jewish Federation, Give Back Homes, and Creative Bridge Coalition. Additionally, Rochelle founded Green Youth Movement (GYM) with her daughter, Ally, in 2005. The mother-daughter duo decided to pursue this philanthropic endeavor when Ally noticed a void in environmental education in grade-level schools. One of GYM’s biggest accomplishments has been its successful implementation of environmental awareness into elementary school curriculums across classrooms in California. “I just think it’s really important to give back, especially when you’re in a successful career,” she explains.


Rochelle also values time with her family, and feels grateful to have a wonderful husband and two grown daughters. Her husband, Richard, holds nearly three decades of finance, marketing, and real estate experience under his belt. According to Rochelle, “he has a bit of an addiction to complex business puzzles.” Younger daughter Ally is following in her parents’ footsteps as an analyst at Barclays Bank in New York City. Meanwhile, Rochelle’s older daughter, Michele, spearheads the human resources department at a public relations boutique firm in New York City. Certainty, both her daughters have picked up Rochelle’s business acumen and hard work ethic.


While Rochelle embraces every aspect of real estate, including the challenges, she finds the most joy in helping others. She finds great fulfillment in making her clients’ real estate dreams come true.


Rochelle exclaims, “Finding the perfect home is the most important investment in my client’s lives. It is so exciting to be a part of that process. To know I made such a difference in their lives…that means everything to me.”


With this client-centered perspective in mind, it is no wonder that real estate maven Rochelle Maize has cultivated one of the most impressive lists of achievements in the luxury real estate sector.


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